109,00 zł(brutto)
Price for 1m²

Beautiful wallpaper with big peonies. 

If you have an unusual wall (eg bevels), you do not know how to measure it, you want to customize the color of the wallpaper, you need advice on the material.

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Wallpaper colors may differ slightly from what you see on the screen. Order a free wallpaper sample.

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Want to see how the pattern will look on your wall?

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Delivery time up to 10 working days

Cost of delivery
  • Personal collection at the company headquarters 0zł
  • On the territory of Poland - Poczta Polska: Wallpaper 19zł (brutto)
  • On Polish terrain DPD - Wallpaper 29zł (brutto)
  • European Union DPD - Wallpaper 130zł (brutto)
  • Personal collection at the company headquarters 0zł
  • On the territory of Poland - Poczta Polska: Poster 9zł (brutto)
  • On Polish terrain DPD - Poster 14zł (brutto)
  • European Union DPD - Poster 80zł (brutto)
Complaints and returns

WHITE DOT wallpaper is perfectly matched to your wall and made to order. It is not possible to return it. If you are unhappy with the purchase please contact us.

Complaints and returns

If your order does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of delivery, without giving any reason.

Wallpaper with big pink peonies on dark background. Baroque, decorative pattern of wallpaper. Perfect for a living room, bedroom,  also for studio. It gives noble look and goes well together with modern furniture. 

We do not produce wallpaper in identical rolls. Every order is "tailor-made" and thus do not throw in unnecessary material. Maximum roll width of 127 cm (laminated and vinyl wallpaper) or 150 cm (latex wallpaper), any length. The size of the wall will be needed to enter during the order.

Type I :Latex wallpaper 109zł (brutto) m2
Type I :Laminated wallpaper 179zł (brutto) m2
Type III :Wallpaper vinyl 185 zł (brutto) m2

1. Latex paper - thick, high quality syntetic paper with latex. Smooth, satin surface. Best for homes and offices. It can be cleaned with dry sponge or cloth.

2. Laminated wallpaper - latex paper with addition matt lamination, water resistant, very strong, stain and rubbing of proof. In lamination process wallpaper becomes stronger and stain and moisture resistant. It’s also less vulnerable for scratches and it has UV radiation protection. The surface is matt, smooth and easy to clean. Dedicated to all kinds of spaces, suitable for public usability spaces and spaces exposed to moisture exposition like kitchens or bathrooms. It can be cleaned with a damp sponge with light detergent to clean up the stains

3. Vinyl wallpaper - interfacing basis with PCV addition, stain resistant. Surface with subtle, quilted grain structure, great degree of washability, scubbability and durability, dedicated for public usage places. It can be cleaned with damp sponge.

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